Grilling season is here and as you scan across the smoke filled backyards of America, you will no doubt notice there's something about standing over a grill that seems to make people drink a few more beers than usual.

So to find out why, do you think Science asked for volunteers for testing? Nope.  Men's Health reports on researchers form Penn State College of Medicine looked at mice, and found those that binged on high-fat foods also drank more alcohol.

Aha! A connection but what about causation?  Not yet.

The scientists say bingeing on high-fat foods MIGHT activate the brain in the same way bingeing on alcohol does, so having the food MIGHT make you crave the beer.  The MIGHTS means more study is needed and I know a lot of people willing to volunteer!  But there is a higher purpose to feeding beer and meat to me or mice.

Scientists hope findings like this can eventually help understand what causes addictions.



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