Washington House Once Again Passes Voting Rights Act
OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — For the fourth time in as many years, the state House has passed a measure seeking to reform representation of minorities in local elections.
The Democratic-controlled chamber passed House Bill 1745 on a 50-47 vote, and the measure now heads to the Republican-controlled Se…
Supporters of Expanded Background Checks Branching Out
Washington voters decisively backed expanded background checks for guns, a victory for advocates of stricter gun laws who say they will use the momentum from to pursue similar measures in other states.
With the passage of Initiative 594, Washington joins six other states and the District of Columbia …
State Congressional Races to Impact Governor’s Agenda
The key question hanging over legislative races today is which party will lead the state Senate for the next two years, a result that will have a role in defining the second-half of Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee's term.
Inslee's agenda on climate change and transportation have been largely sti…

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