It's national noodle day, hands down one of the best foods ever created and so many ways to celebrate. You can love any kind of cuisine and almost all of them have their take on noodles, Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese, and even good ol' mac and cheese.

In this list, we'll go over some of the top-tier restaurants in the Yakima Valley where you can go get your noodle fix whenever you want. Even if you're a picky eater there should be at least one spot on this list you won't be able to resist.

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5.) Zesta Cucina on West Tieton Drive

This 4.6-star restaurant embodies fine dining in the Yakima Valley, if you're looking for a full meal with exquisite food it may be hard to find a better place. I'd suggest going with their Chicken Parmasean, made with panko encrusted chicken breast, marinara, and Vodka Cappellini noodles

4.) Why Not My Pho Kitchen on Summitview

Pho is one of the most popular dishes in western Washington, with more and more people opening up their minds to try something new it's quickly growing. Made with broth that's been stewing for over 24 hours and freshly boiled rice noodles you get to choose your own toppings and style of pho. It's filling, delicious, and will leave you coming back for more especially from this place.

3.) 산 Ramen-Ya on Summitview

Move over stovetop Ramen, it's 2022 and we're looking for something a bit tastier than a cup of noodles. If you've never had restaurant Ramen you haven't tried real ramen. Same kind of deal with how the broth is made with pho the broth is boiled and stewed for 24 hours if not longer to make the most flavorful bone broth you'll ever taste, with seared pork, soft boiled egg, and an array of veggies to leave the hungriest person alive full and satisfied. Whether you're sick, cold, or just feeling down in the dump this is a comfort meal you'll turn to on your best days.

2.) E.Z Tiger on chestnut ave

E.Z Tiger is a dim sum and noodle bar where you can go pick out your favorite combinations and have the food made right in front of you. The dinning experience is enough to get you thru the door alone but once you start eating you may never want to leave. With fresh food daily and chefs who specialize in this asian cuisine will leave you ordering an extra meal to take home with you.

1.) Cheese Junkies on Summitview. 

Cheese Junkies is a new resteraunt in the Yakima valley but one that's taken the city by storm. With inventive new ways of making our favorite comfort foods there's something on the menu for everyone. My go to favorite right now is the Flaming Hot Mac, traditoal mac and cheese with a flaming hot twitst, they use crushed flamming hot Cheetoh's to make a spicy, sacory mac and cheese, it's even encrusted with the Flaming Hot Cheetoh dust to give you that crispy top. They even make Burgers with mac and cheese on it to keep it extra inventive. Something you have to try at least once in Yakima.

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