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Father's Day is just a couple of days away. Here's a list for my family just in case they are stuck for a gift idea.

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The 2011 Ford GT 500 Coupe. About $53K. I've never owned a Ford, but I'd be willing to try one out!

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The 45th Anniversary Chevrolet Camaro. Looks, muscle. Need I say more?challenger image
The 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8. Retro styling, hemi engine.  MOPAR. Guys, do I have to say anything else? About $56K.
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I had a thought that I should not burden my family with the cost of a new car. Here's an alternative. A pre-owned vehicle. The 1970 Dodge Coronet 440 Convertible. I've wanted one since I was 14. Should be easier on the budget, eh? Oh, wait. Still goes for about $55K restored.
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But then again, it doesn't take big bucks to really please a Dad!
Happy Father's Day all!

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