**A new analysis from the Renewable Fuels Association shows American drivers saved an average of more than 25 cents per gallon since the beginning of 2022 with E15.

RFA analyzed more than 3,000 actual pump prices for E15 and E10 submitted by drivers.

The average prices reported for E10 was $3.69 per gallon, while the average price for E15 was $3.41.

The average discount for E15 was 27 cents per gallon or 7.4%.

David McNew/Getty Images
David McNew/Getty Images

**Natural gas is an important source of energy for U.S. farms.

While U.S. natural gas futures prices have fallen sharply recently, CoBank says higher prices and increased volatility could be on the long-term horizon as the energy transition accelerates and European markets respond to recent supply constraints.

CoBank reports, from a pricing perspective, domestic consumers benefited from their proximity to natural gas reserves and experienced only brief periods of high prices.

Vegan And Vegetarian Alternatives Are A Growing Trend In Berlin
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**America's families deserve to know what they're buying when shopping in the dairy aisle, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation.

AFBF is calling on the Food and Drug Administration to enforce food labeling standards for dairy substitutes and to enforce existing prohibitions on the misleading labeling of plant-based beverages as "milk.

AFBF supports a consumer's right to access dairy-free products, but one in four Americans, are confused or have been misled about whether dairy alternatives contain milk.

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