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Ag News: Austria Bans Glyphosate
Austrian lawmakers banned glyphosate, the key chemical in Roundup. That’s a first in Europe and a fresh blow to Bayer AG, which has lost several lawsuits in the U.S..
Ag News: ASF Spreading in China
The impact of China's African swine fever outbreak has grown, as the disease arrived in one of the country's largest production areas as pork stockpiles fall rapidly.
Ag News: NCBA-Green New Deal
No sign of easing in the debate over cattle and sustainability, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association updated the 2019 Policy Priorities to include the Green New Deal.
Ag News: FDA-USDA Meating
More meetings will focus on potential hazards, oversight considerations, and labeling of cell cultured food products derived from livestock and poultry.
Ag News: Net Farm Income Down
Farm income will drop to $59.5 billion, the lowest since 2006. Lenders don’t expect to see a repeat of bankruptcies that led to the 1980s U.S. farm crisis.
Growing Middle Class Means More Protein
Global trends mean new opportunities for agri business said Chris Nolan with PricewaterhouseCoopers when he gave the keynote address at the 2016 Export Exchange co-sponsored by the US Grains Council and the Renewable Fuels Association. One trend highlighted was the accelerating growth of the middle class...