Let's talk customer service for just a moment.  In many places it no longer exists!  The book "Raving Fans" made a big impression on me.  It says it's not enough to do a good job.  You need to do a great job. A job that your customers will find unforgettable and that will turn them in to raving fans for you, your company and your product.

A national pizza chain is taking a giant step toward super service with a commitment to deliver pizza to "nontraditional" addresses.

Domino's is ready to bring your pizza to 150,000 outdoor locations including the Gateway Arch in St. Louis; by the Las Vegas welcome sign; or next to the statue of soul singer James Brown in Augusta, Georgia.

But wait there's more!  The Daily Mail is reporting that Domino's is also planning to deliver pizzas to park benches and landmarks, and even beaches.

To check to see all the possible places head over to the company's website or app and look for Domino's Hotspots. (Dailly Mail)

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