Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial kick-off to all things Summer is upon us!  Including expert grilling season.

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Grilling time!

WHat Makes The Best Burger

If you spend any time on Youtube or Town Square websites you will see a number of "best-burger" posts.  (We radio types love our burgers)   "BEST" is a very subjective thing.  Some allegedly say blue-cheese burgers are best?   HA!  That's ridiculous.  Blue cheese is an insult to good beef, generally discredits cheese, and lessens the artistic significance of the color blue...but I digress.

There are, however, some super science researchers who think they have zeroed in on the consummate condiment necessary to make the best burger.  Where are these select scientists from???  Are they from Kansas State and cattle country, or UCLA and home to all things Americana and summer fun? Are they all-Americans from American University?  Nope?  They're from that bastion of burgers and backyard Bar-B-Qs... Oxford University!

Meatless Burgers Gain In Popularity
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The Password Is Pickle

That might explain the pickles....but, If you DO like pickles on your burgers you are certainly not alone. Oxford University researchers have officially found that pickles enhance a burger’s taste, appearance, and texture. (Do you agree?)

Researcher and food scientist Professor Charles Spence says it's all about the acid. The acidity of pickles cuts through the rich umami flavor of the meat, and also adds a satisfying crunch. If that's true, it's odd to think researchers found that 51 percent of adults said they opt to remove pickles from their burgers, with the most common reasons being they dislike the taste (23%), and another 16 percent said they dislike the texture.


Unpacking The Pickle's Popularity

A small four percent said they’ve never tried pickles, but they dislike the idea of them.

Finally, surveys showed that twelve percent of people are simply pickling purists, who said they would rather eat pickles on their own.

What's your take?

And if you want the inside info on the burger business, Gordon Ramsay will be happy to scream it at you!  Good luck this weekend!

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