If you are 50 or over and live in a multi generational household or you are 65 or older you now qualify for a COVID-19 vaccine. So where do you make an appointment? With no mass sites yet announced in Yakima you'll need to go to findyourphasewa.org. Health officials say if you do that make sure you print or take a screenshot of your status and use the health district website, https://www.yakimacounty.us/2472/COVID-19-Vaccine to get the most up to date information about where vaccine is available. Currently there's no mass site planned in the near future but more information will be available next week.

Yakima health officials say they've received reports of people saying locations listed on the health district website have run out of vaccine and they say that's not true. They believe people may be calling sites listed on the Washington State Department of Health website that doesn't always have updated information. The Yakima Health District website is updated several times a day with new and current information.

Because of the lack of available vaccine if you recently tested positive for COVID-19 you're being asked to delay being vaccinated.
Yakima Health District spokeswoman Lilian Bravo says because there's only a limited supply of the vaccine in the county "it's preferred that they wait until they no longer have the natural protection they acquired after being infected w/ COVID19 - which is estimated at about 90 days after infection. Our Health Officer did say that people should wait a minimum of about 30 days after they were last infected w/ COVID19."



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