Let's say you buy something on Amazon that you have to return. No worries, you can just ship it back to Amazon often without the hassle... but then what happens to it? Amazon can't just resell it. But this store can! Introducing Daily Deals, a new store in the area that sells new items and for a set price every day. Best of all, the longer it's on the floor, the cheaper it gets.

Appliances, clothes, shoes, things for the kitchen, supplements, and random items you didn't know you needed until you see them. It's a variety every time. You never know what you'll find here.

It all starts on Thursday when they close the store to give them the entire day to restock the tables, of which there are several.

Friday they reopen with all the new items for sale -- and literally, everything is $12 on Friday. A new microwave? $12. $300 pair of designer boots? $12. The softest baby blanket you could ever experience? $12. And the more the days go on, the cheaper everything gets.

Their weeks starts on Sunday where all new items are $12 each.
Saturday everything in the store is $10
Sunday everything is $8
Monday everything is $5
Tuesday everything is $3
and Wednesday, whatever is left (and there's always plenty left) everything for sale on the tables is just $1 each.

One Dollar on Wednesday. That's right.

It's fun to stop by just to see what they have. I stopped by on Monday when everything was $5 each. I wasn't planning on buying much but ended up buying 20 different items. Everything from a box of 6 boxes of Cinnamon Chex, a plumber tool to help with a clogged drain, a nice fleece blanket, a pair of shoes in my size that value at $160, and more. 20 items, only came to $100 (plus tax, of course).

Such a fun store. I hope you get a chance to check it out sometime soon. You never know what treasures you'll find!

Daily Deals
3001 Main Street in Union Gap (on the corner of Ahtanum and Main)

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