The incredible edible egg. What a roller coaster ride its had.  For generations it was part of a farm fresh healthy breakfast, then for decades it was thought to be a cholesterol delivering bombshell for your heart.  Now the egg is seen not to be the health threat some thought.  Why it's enough to drive a chicken to drink--and coincidentally that's where the egg can really shine!

 Australians know a thing or two (hundred) about drinking and hangovers and they have found eggs definitely have a place at the table for hangover cures.

The Daily Mail reports that a metabolized product called acetaldehyde is generated after we drink, and it's primarily responsible for causing our hangovers. Some amino acids are known to help break down the acetaldehyde,  including cystine, which is found in ready supply when you eat eggs.

An Australian Egg Expert says eating about two eggs should do the trick, thus reinforcing the prescription to "take two and call me in the morning."


What's the best way to eat eggs? Scrambled, fried, poached or hard boiled?

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