When I first moved to Yakima in April of 2015 one of the first restaurants I ate at was Cowiche Canyon on the advice of a friend. The food, the atmosphere and the wait staff are so good I think they deserve a Michelin star. I've never had a meal there I didn't thoroughly enjoy.

My favorite dish was their simplest and coincidentally, their most inexpensive item... the chicken tortilla soup. Unlike the typical tortilla soup which is really a latin version of minestrone (basically leftover chicken and veggies with chicken broth and tortilla strips), Cowiche Canyon's version had pulled chicken breast, radishes, cilantro, Fresno chiles and a rich tomato/chicken broth that was to die for. I could eat that soup with a sheath of bread every day of the week.

So yesterday me and my co-workers here at Townsquare Media stopped by for lunch and I notice they've changed menu's (typical of high end bistros who like to serve seasonal offerings). So I asked our server if they still had the chicken tortilla soup. I could see the N in no forming on his lips before any sound even came out of his mouth and I had the same inner panic one would have in that dream where you're trying to run away from danger but you can't move. Now I know people who like something say "but I thought it was really popular" using their personal group of friends as evidence and I have no empirical data to back up my claim but I THOUGHT THE CHICKEN TORTILLA SOUP WAS REALLY POPULAR! Everyone I know (for what that's worth) who tried it was blown away.

In effect, I'm using my local semi-celebrity to implore Cowiche Canyon to add this tasty item back onto their menu... or at least make it for me when I come in. I'll even make an appointment. Seriously folks, you're killing me!

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