Since my former co-worker & neighbor and ex-mayor Micah Cawley now works in the hops industry, I’m always on the lookout for odd and  interesting stories about the industry to share with him.  This one is cosmic, so I thought we all should see it.

Craft beer!  Next stop, the Red Planet!

A group of students at Villanova University have found that hops could grow well in Martian soil.  Yup, THAT Mars.

The study, looked at which crops would thrive in soil that is similar to that found on Mars -based on readings taken by the Phoenix Mars lander and samples recreated on earth.  Raise a glass of beer to the fact that hops took to the dense, dry, and often inhospitable soil typical to the planet.

Before you throw down that second glass of Martian Mellow, please note that scientists also say the soil on Mars contains perchlorates, a poison that causes thyroid problems so you may want to stick with just the chaser until those issues are worked out.  Different eh?!

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