Gavin Seim of Ephrata is a declared candidate for the 4th Congressional District seat that has been held by Pasco's Doc Hastings for nearly 20 years.

Seim is the owner of a small business in Soap Lake, a photography studio that produces videos and specializes in wall portraits.

According to his website, Seim describes his political philosophy:

"believes Americas foundation on moral values and small government is essential to our ability to thrive as a nation and a free people. That we must stand up to government overreach. It’s not a time to ride the fence. It’s time to be resolute for what’s right so that we and our children can be free."


Seim was a guest on Tuesday's Mike Bastinelli Show. He talked about his background, his philosophy, and why he decided to challenge a long time Republican incumbent.

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Visit Gavin Siem's official website here.