Yakima County Commissioners say they're concerned about election issues raised in a letter sent to the board from OneAmerica this week alleging violations of the Washington Voting Rights Act. The county currently uses a system in which the top two candidates advance to the general election. It's similar to a system that was used by the city of Yakima before the city was sued by the ACLU in 2012. The letter was sent on behalf of OneAmerica and Yakima County residents Evangelina “Bengie” Aguilar, Susan Soto Palmer, Candy “Dulce” Gutierrez, and Rogelio Montes.
A press release from the county says "the Yakima Board of County Commissioners intends to work collaboratively with the residents named in the letter, as well as all residents of Yakima County. The Board reserves the right to pursue all reasonable legal options.

The Yakima Board of County Commissioners is reviewing this matter with Yakima County legal staff and will comment further as it takes steps to respond to the allegations."

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