Emerald City Comic-Con is a once-a-year event where all the nerds around the PNW come together to celebrate everything in pop culture. Especially our favorite superheroes, video games, moves, shows, the list is gonna go on forever if you let me.

Being someone who has been to Emerald City Comic-Con every year since 2010 I have plenty of tips and tricks to make it a fun experience without any of the drama.

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5.) A Plan for all Four Days

Whether you plan on going one day or the full four you need to have a plan in place before you go. Some people expect it to be almost like Disneyland, you can run around and enjoy what you want when you want. Where some of that is true Comic-con is very planned out when it comes to celebrity guests, panels, and events.

Each day is a little different from the last. Times change depending on what event or celebrity is being hosted. Sometimes celebrities change their schedules daily, sometimes panels can only be done once with some guests only available for one to two days of the convention. You can set up all your plans by visiting the site, looking up times, and planning around what you're there for.

4.) Charging Chords and Battery Packs

Convention days can be extremely long, especially if you have a full day planned around the convention. You'll more than likely have your phone out a lot, whether it's killing time in long lines, taking pictures of your favorite celebrity, or just trying to find a cheap bite to eat while you're in Seattle. Either way, you're gonna need to bring a charger with you, if you have them a battery pack is the most optimal choice so you're not slowed down from your day of fun.

3.) Food and Water

Sure one of the fun parts about being at Comic-Con is enjoying a nice lunch in or around Seattle, but doing that all four days is not the easiest on your wallet. The best thing you can do is pack some lunches and snacks for the days you don't plan on eating at the con. Whether it's a cooler in your car with sandwiches and drinks or just a small bag packed into your backpack, it'll save you a lot of time and money for you to enjoy the convention.

2.) Bring Some Emergancy Cash

We live in 2022, nowadays everyone has a portable card reader or a square that they plug into their phone and can take your card. But even in these times some people only accept cash, you can hit the atm machines but more than likely there will be a high surcharge each time you take out cash. It wouldn't hurt to bring fifty to a hundred bucks in cash just to be ready, worst case scenario you use it for parking.

1.) Markers and Felt Pens

Where ever you go around the con you'll usually find a plethora of pens and markers for your signatures from artists, writers, and celebrities. However, if you have something special to get signed you may wanna find the perfect color and type of marker for your prized nerdy possession. It doesn't hurt to keep a couple of extra markers in your bag just in case you need something specific to make everything look perfect.


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