Yakima city officials continue to put pressure on property owners to clean up and that’s keeping code enforcement officers busy. As we head into the summer months, code inspectors say complaint calls increase by nearly 40 to 50 percent. Right now, one of the main problems is illegally parked mobile homes. In the City of Yakima, it is illegal to park your motor home outside of a designated mobile home park. It is a criminal citation that can cost you $500. Joe Caruso, Yakima's Code Administration Manager says the crackdown on cleaning up the city will continue with intensity throughout the summer.

"If we see a property that is really overgrown, garbage, all kinds of debris on it, trailers, we will attack that one at a time,"The results of last year's Citizen Survey showed that people are unhappy with Yakima's appearance. The city has been working hard ever since to implement programs like "Community Clean Up Days" and the revitalization of North First Street. The ultimate goal is to improve Yakima's image.

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