Airplanes at Newark Liberty Airport
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Ok, fellow infrequent and fearful flyers, here’s why the experts say Climate Change will have you buckling up for a bumpy ride.  Turbulence scares me.  I’ve seen too many airplane disaster movies not to imagine all the terrible things that can go wrong and now USA Today is reporting on the potential increase in turbulence!

The journal Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, indicates that moderate-to-severe turbulence will more than double as a result of expected increases in carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.  Researchers used supercomputer simulations to test how turbulence will change at 39-thousand feet when the levels of carbon dioxide doubles alleged due to man’s activity

It’s not supposed to happen until the end of the century so what flights I have left shouldn’t be affected but for those who are flying in 2100 will find that severe turbulence will increase by 149 percent, moderate-to-severe turbulence by 127 percent, light-to-moderate turbulence by 75 percent.



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