In the city of Yakima, it is illegal for leaves from your property to blow into the street or sidewalk.This is because of their potential to clog gutter and storm drains.

If you do not know what to do with yours, Yakima does offer some options to help you stay compliant with the city codes.

The City of Yakima’s Refuse Division offers yard waste collection through November 30th. For $15.88 per month, the City will provide residents with a 96-gallon cart dedicated for leaves and yard debris. Leaves must be placed loose in the cart and not bagged. The cart will then be picked up during the regularly scheduled yard waste pick-up time.

Another option is to bag them and then contact the Solid Waste Division to let them know you have extra bags. The will pick them up for a fee of $2.70 each. If you have more than three, you will need a special haul for a minimum price of $25.

An easier approach might be to simply mulch them with your lawnmower.

For more info, call 575-6005 or visit

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