Tony O'Rourke probably felt like he was being called to the teacher's desk to get his progress report when he got a review by the City Council yesterday. Whatever he felt, he had to like what he heard.

O'Rourke received solid marks across the board in an evaluation of his performance before Tuesday's city council meeting.

“The Council was enthusiastic about the new energy and ideas that Tony brought to the table when he was hired last July,” says Mayor Micah Cawley. “Now, after a year’s worth of work to judge from, we are confident that he’s the right guy for the job."

"He’s brought about a lot of change in the city’s structure and has led the organization in a new direction,” said Cawley. “The process hasn’t been easy, but through Tony’s leadership, the City Council knows that Yakima will continue moving forward and making progress.”

O'Rourke has also successfully negotiated several labor contracts, instituted programs and services based on community needs and has convinced the Council to make investments to improve public safety, enhance economic development opportunities and address infrastructure needs since he started his tenure in July 2012.