The Yakima City Council wants to be prepared for a possible change in government in 2020 the reason why the council is interviewing two "interim" Yakima City Manager candidates Today. City spokesman Randy Beehler says they're "interim" city manager candidates because the city wants to be prepared for a possible ballot measure next year that could ask voters to make a change from the city manager form of government to a strong mayor form of government. Beehler says the city would have had a tough time attracting candidates for a city manager position if there was a possibility of a change.

Instead he says the candidates are being considered for an interim position until a vote is taken on a change in government. Depending on the outcome of the ballot measure, which hasn't been confirmed but is being considered, the council would then have to make another decision concerning the future of the city manager position.
The interviews begin at 4:00 p.m. at Yakima City Hall. They'll be carried live on YPAC at at the city website

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