Yakima City Council member Dulce Gutierrez says she's determined to keep kids busy and safe in Southeast Yakima. Gutierrez has lead the city effort to open a new pool in the near future. "The pool has many benefits but I would see one of its greatest benefits will be the public safety benefit to it"
Gutierrez says a new pool will keep kids from unsupervised swimming in the Yakima River where she says many kids in Southeast Yakima go to cool off in the summer months. She also believes a new pool will be more popular than other pools that closed in the past because they'll have more inviting designs and fun features with areas where families can gather. The Yakima City Council on Tuesday directed staff to gather estimated costs and funding options available for the city council to review at a later date. The council decided Tuesday Martin Luther King Jr. Park is the best area to locate the new pool. Tune in to The Morning News at 8:15 a.m. Thursday where Dulce Gutierrez will talk more about the proposed pool.

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