Weird News

Alexa, How Are You Fixed For Bird Seed?
I recently got an Alexa device at my house and its been fun to have music and information on instant demand.  However, my daughter has recently hijacked the device and every time I want to use it, it is preoccupied with playing Christmas music in her bedroom...
Pantsless UFC Fighter: "My Balls Was Hot" [VIDEO]
In what might be the most awkward beginning to an interview ever, UFC announcer Joe Rogan asked fighter Derrick Lewis why he had taken his trunks off immediately following the bout. Lewis's response was honest and, like Rogan said, understandable.
Love May Not Last But Death Does
A 68-year-old romance writer by the name of Nancy Crampton-Brophy once wrote a blog about “How To Murder Your Husband”. Fast forward a bit and she has actually been charged with murdering her husband.

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