As my friend and I cruised around Central Washington hitting up Comic Book Stores (Ron's Coin & Collectables in Yakima, The Tiny Comic Shop in Moxee, Central City Comics in Ellensburg), it dawned on me that National Superhero Day is Sunday the 28th!

I have my favorites! Batman, Spider-Man, Space Ghost, Red Sonja, The Tick!

It really just depends on my mood, but the great thing about heroes, especially in this day and age, there's a hero for EVERY mood!

38. Deadpool (2016)

History of National Superhero Day!

National Superhero Day has been held on April 28th every year since its creation back in 1995 by employees at Marvel Comics.

People celebrate this holiday by reading comics, watching superhero movies, playing games, or simply using their imaginations!

20. The Tick

Whether the Superhero is fictional like a character from the comics, or real like a first responder, these people and characters give us all someone and something to look up to and aspire to!

The Most Popular Superhero on National Superhero Day! analyzed Google Trends for the past 12 months throughout the United States to find which hero signal shined brightest in their respective skies!

Greatest American Hero Reboot ABC Indian Female Lead

In a weird surprise, an 'Anti-hero' (sometimes bad, sometimes good) was the most popular throughout the U.S. Ms. Selina Kyle aka Catwoman from DC Comics was the most popular.

Comic book cover of Batman: One Bad Day - Catwoman
DC Comics

Breaking it down to just Washington state, the 3rd most popular character was Batman.

Batman 89 comic
DC Comics

In 2nd place was the big blue boy scout himself: Superman!

DC Comics
DC Comics

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and Washington's favorite Superhero is...The God of Thunder, Thor!


To see which heroes the other states enjoy the most, as well as the LEAST searched major heroes (looking at you Iron Man, Batwoman, & Spidey) check out's full report!

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