Time out! If this were true, given my past consumption of McDonald's french fries, I would have to challenge this study based on the stupid bald spot I have and have endured for 15-20 years.

FOX News is reporting that the Japanese have made a discovery that's being presented by some media outlets like this - If you've noticed you’re balding you may want to get into the habit of eating McDonald's french fries. Scientists from Yokohama National University in Japan discovered the chemical dimethylpolysiloxane, a silicone used in McDonald's fry oil to prevent splashing, can be used to mass produce hair follicles on mice.

Now this method has only been tested in mice, but researchers believe the technique will be able to be used on humans with similarly impressive results.

Like I said, I have eaten half of Idaho in french fries over the years with no results, but then again, I don't splash and haven't eaten as much cheese as you basic mouse over the years so maybe that's a factor.  Stay tuned.  (FOX)

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