This story reminded me of an old Blonde Joke but the outcome is actually much worse for the misguided food purchaser -- a man in Spring Hill, Florida is charged with driving under the influence after he tried to order Taco Bell food from a drive-thru window at a bank.  Fox News reports that employees at a Spring Hill Bank of America say 28-year-old Douglas Francisco fell unconscious after entering the drive-thru lane on Wednesday afternoon (January 17th.) The bank manager says he knocked on the window of Francisco's blue Hyundai sedan for "some time" before the man awoke and placed an order for a burrito. Police were called, and the rest is history. (Fox)

The old joke goes like this -- (sorry blondes)  A young ditsy blonde saunters up to a counter and in a loud voice says, “um, I’ll have a burger, fries and aaaaah, I guess I’ll have a coke.”  The woman behind the counter says “Young lady Shhhh! This is a library. keep your voice down.” So the blonde responds in an exaggerated whisper, “OK, I’ll have a burger, fries and a coke”.





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