We've had Tebow-ing and Felix-ing. Now it's time for 12-ing!

I have to admit that I have missed my Seahawks. I have been a fan since that day in 1975 when they announced the name of the team. I even had a Seahawks pennant in my college dorm room before they had even signed a player. (I took some flack about that, with one of my YVCC jock type dorm mates saying it was pretty dumb to be a fan of a team that didn't exist.)

So, I've really been looking forward to this Sunday, when the Seahawks take on Arizona. (You can hear the game on Newstalk KIT.) It's been a long time since I've attended a game, but I'll be glued to my TV. That's how I 12. You know, being part of the 12th Man in my own way. A cold beverage, some football food, and the game on TV.

How do you 12? At a sports bar with friends, a BBQ at a friends house, or a Seahawks Sunday at your place? Or, are you one of the lucky ones that has a seat at Centurylink Field? Or, are you one of the even luckier ones that gets to go to a road game?

I'll be 12-ing at home in front of my TV. I might even invite one of my buddies who has Directv, where Fox is blacked out!

The Seahawks are doing a special social media event for the home opener on September 16th. Check it out here.

How do you plan to 12 on Sunday?

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