I know this season has been far from perfect, but with everything going on inside the team and the injuries sustained by bigger players it's understandable.

The thing that makes you a Seahawks fan isn't how many times you were there for a win. But how many times you watch your team get crushed and still show up for the next game in your gear. So this one is for all the big Seahawks fans.

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Today is none other than Russell Wilsons 33rd Birthday and he'll be playing tonight to celebrate. After sustaining his injury and receiving surgery to correct the complications he's come back out on top being able to play.

That being said we haven't been able to secure a win since he's returned yet we've seen as he slowly get's back to his natural state. Slowly but surely Russell will shut down the haters once again and bring home a win for the Hawks.

Now let's look at some of Russels History since we're celebrating the man himself. Russell graduated in 2012 from University of Wisconsin-Maddison. He was drafted in the 3rd round by the Seattle Seahawks. Being picked at number 75 people overlooked his determination and drive when it came to the game.

That year he would come out and show that he was meant to be on the grid iron and was the ultimate underdog. Russell Wilson lead the Seattle Seahawks to their first Super Bowl win in 2014 and took us back in 2015.

They call Russell Wilson the professor, he's constantly able to make impossible plays when the hawks seem down and out and finds a way to bring home the win. Tho this season has been rough of Seahawks fans we need to remember that coming off of an injury and still playing and giving it his all till the end

Which is why we celebrate Russell Wilson on his birthday this year. Thank you Russell and we hope to see you back at 100 percent soon!


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