This Aberdeen Bartender Is One of WA's Creepiest Serial Killers

Urban legend has it that Billy’s Bar & Grill in Aberdeen, Wash., was once the stomping grounds of a serial killer. Who is this serial killer, Billy Gohl, and why does he allegedly haunt this bar? We wanted to snoop around and see what we could dig up.



Billy Gohl reportedly had a “baby face”. He used his innocent looks to get away with, well, MURDER (plus theft, bombings, and a host of other neighborhood mishaps). History books say he killed “large numbers” of migrants when he worked as a bartender in the building that is now Billy's Restaurant in Aberdeen.

Over the course of a few years, he also murdered at minimum 41 sailors and a max of 52 men. His victims were random sailors who were traveling alone in town visiting Aberdeen. Sailors often stopped inside the building to check for any mail, chit chat with other sailors and laborers, and the like. Mean old Billy would mark his prey and steal all their valuables after he killed them with gunshots, chokeholds, and/or fatal blunt force traumatic blows.

Billy Gohl, Creepy Serial Killer in Aberdeen, WA

Billy's Bar & Grill is located at 322 East Heron Street in Aberdeen.

Billy's Bar and Grill in Aberdeen WA
Billy's Bar and Grill via Google Maps



Billy Gohl was finally caught by authorities and that is what finally ended his killing spree. He served time in prison for being a serial killer before being sent to live out the rest of his days in an asylum. Meanwhile, in the early 1900s, the building that currently bears his name used to be a hot house of debauchery on the second floor. (The first floor was then a bank.)

Billy Gohl Serial Killer in Aberdeen, WA
Aaron Goings via Amazon

Some folks in Aberdeen say that Billy's ghost still haunts the old former brothel on East Heron Street where he would do some of his murdering. Maybe he’s looking for one of the treasures he stole from a sailor. Maybe he thinks he can kill people from the paranormal grave, who knows?

Billy Gohl's House on Indian Creek going to Westport WA
Charles R. Pratsch courtesy Washington State University Libraries

Billy Gohl owned a tiny house that he once floated from Indian Creek to Westport, Wash., in Gray's Harbor County.

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Weird things have reportedly happened inside the bar over the years, like drinking glasses flinging themselves across the room, etc. Ghost hunters have even reported catching paranormal activity in Aberdeen inside Billy's Bar & Grill.

For more fascinating Murderpedia history about one of Washington state’s wildest, in-your-face murderers, Billy Gohl, click here.



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