We all know Yakima has amazing food, delicious drinks, and phenomenal shops and goods. But have you really gotten a taste of the most delicious desserts in the Yakima valley? Let us be your guide, we found five places with some of the most amazing desserts for you to dive into.

We made sure to add plenty of variety to these desserts, so hopefully, we found a little bit of everything for everyone, if you don't see your favorite on the list make sure to send us a message so we can add to or replace something with your favorite spot!

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5.) Crumbl Cookies

Crumbl Cookies just opened up in the Yakima Valley and is located at 2412 West Nob Hill Blvd. Their menu of cookies changes each and every week but the one thing that's for certain is it's always delicious and gives you that tingling feeling on your taste buds from the overwhelming sweetness in every bite.

4.) Icy Tai

Icy Tai is one of the best spots in the Yakima Valley for Ice Cream and it's how they make it that cements it as one of the best in Yakima. Instead of the ice cream being prepackaged or premade they make it right in front of you. That's right, you choose the ingredients they throw it on a frozen plate and make fresh hand-rolled ice cream. Each cup comes with multiple rolls and your choice of toppings so good you'll be coming back for more even in the winter. Head on over they're waiting to make your Ice Cream at 2706 W Nob Hill.

3.) Vieras Bakery

You thought you knew baked goods, you may have thought wrong, especially if you never checked out Vieras Bakery. They do it all, from donuts, churros, cakes, and pies. I could spend the rest of the day naming off all their delicious treats, but nothing comes close to trying it for yourself. You can go find your favorite baked good by heading down to Vieras at 516 W Lincoln Ave.

2.) Yo Yakima Frozen Yogurt!

This Frozen Yogurt hits a little different, with all the toppings you can choose from, get it in a bowl or a bubble waffle cone! The possibilities are endless with all the different toppings you can think of along with a plethora of frozen yogurt flavors to choose from. It's a great after-dinner treat anyone will love, try it for yourself at 2401 s 1st street.

1.) Tate of Heaven Cookies

Freshly Baked, created by amazing bakers, and packaged in-house. It's a chance for you to see just what Yakima can do with delicious treats. Taste of Heaven Cookies offers a wide variety of choices and flavors to make sure you leave happy and stay happy. Go get an order of your favorite cookies at 20 N 9th ave in Yakima!

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