The total package.  The person with both Brains AND Beauty!

Does such a person even exist?

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Looking for the Unicorn

Well, if This Day in History is any measure, March 14th, can recognize both Big Smarts and Good Looks...just not in the same place, or same person, at the same time.

Let's break it down.

Unchallenged Intellect

When it comes to brains, any serious conversation has to include the inventor of the Theory of Relativity, Nobel Prize-winning physicist Albert Einstein who was born on this day in 1879.  Einstein's work:

revolutionized the world's understanding of space, time, gravity, and the universe...showing that matter and energy are just two different forms of the same thing—a fact that Einstein expressed as E=mc2, the most widely recognized equation in history

But he was more than a theorist...his inventions are in play every day.  According to National Geographic, his thoughts show up in Paper Towels, Stock Market Forecasts, Solar Power, and Laser Pointers!  Thanks Al!

The Heir Apparent

Incredible brain power also left us on this day in history in 2018, with the passing of British theoretical physicist, the amazing Stephen Hawking.  Hawking's book, A Brief History of Time, about space, time and black holes became an international bestseller and made him a celebrity scientist, though confined to a wheelchair, having lived with ALS since being diagnosed with the disease at age 21.  Live Science says:

Hawking will also be remembered as perhaps the most important physicist of the second half of the 20th century. Hawking's work on black holes, quantum mechanics and the origins of the universe advanced the theories of previous thinkers like Albert Einstein and Werner Heisenberg, providing the most comprehensive explanation for the behavior of the cosmos to date.

Two of mankind/s best brains, ushered in and ushered out of this world on This Day in History.

What Passes For Beauty?

But what about the "beauty" in our premise?   Ok, work with me on this one.

The year was 1972, March 14, 50 years ago today, when the April 1972 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine hit newsstands. On its center pages, right next to the staples was a buck naked Burt Reynolds on a bear-skin rug, posing as the magazine's first-ever nude centerfold.  The decision to pose launched Reynolds's career into the stratosphere as an American sex symbol movie star.

His college roommate was sports broadcaster lee Corso who reportedly once said:

Reynolds in college "was so good-looking, I used him as bait...he'd walk across campus and bring back two girls, one beautiful and one ugly; I got the ugly girl. His ugly girlfriends were better than anyone I could get on my own.

Well, Mr. Corso, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there is no doubt that much of the female population found Burt to be a beauty back in the day, including his wife of 6 years, the beautiful Lonnie Anderson, and it was confirmed for all to see, in the April Cosmo, 50 years ago, on This Day in History!

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