Not big on Thanksgiving Dinner? That's okay, it takes a lot of time to prep, and by the time you're through with making dinner, you still have to be prepared for all that cleanup afterward. So instead of sorting through the broken dishes, and turkey carcass and trying to figure out what the heck is stuck to your shit that looks like cranberry sauce mixed with cheerios let us suggest something

Take the day off and go out to enjoy a delicious meal at one of these 3 amazing Restaurants in the Yakima Valley. We know a lot of places close their doors to let their employees be home with their families, but some would rather work through the day and help pass on a smile to others.

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2.) Crafted

Yes, Crafted will be open on Thanksgiving but you'll want to call ahead of time to make reservations or check the hours on that day. They change their menu weekly and offer something new with every change. The chefs at Crafted put their heart and soul into the food and trust me when I say you can taste the love. Head on over during Thanksgiving and enjoy an amazing meal while you chat and laugh with your family.


1.) Yakima Steak Company

Lucky for us the Yakima Steak Company is keeping its doors open on Thanksgiving day, sure you could go with one of their delicious and amazing steaks, or you can check out their thanksgiving dinner which is turkey stuffing, and the rest of the fixin's. Of course, we always suggest making reservations if you plan on eating here, it just makes for a much smoother meal.

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