A busy couple of weeks ahead for assistant floor leader Chris Corry (R) 14th District State Representative from Yakima.

Corry says tensions are high in Olympia because of the artificial construct that is "social distance legislating".  Only a few members are allowed on the Capital campus at any one time and that makes effective communication difficult and that increases the tension.

Corry says the Democrats are demonstrating a "starvation for taxes".  What looked to be an 8 to 9 billion dollar budget shortfall earlier this year is now approaching pre-pandemic levels.  Corry says that doesn't seem to matter to democrats who are also looking past constitutional restraints at some potential taxes.

Representative Corry says democrats are also looking at labeling some taxes with an "emergency" designation which would remove the public's right to challenge or recall them.

Rep. Corry is teaming up with 14th Dist. Rep. Gina Mosbrucker for a Town Hall Meeting this Thursday changed to MARCH 17th at 6 pm and he hopes to hear from you.  The remote Town Hall Meeting will be conducted using the Zoom platform. Those who would like to participate must pre-register in advance for the conference by going to https://tinyurl.com/eiv6jinc. Citizens may also sign up at www.RepresentativeGinaMosbrucker.com or www.RepresentativeChrisCorry.com.


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