10 Must-See Things To Do in Portland - December 2022 Edition

Folks from Washington love traveling to Portland. Whether it’s heading to a weekend foodie trip in Hood River by way of The Dalles or trekking to an Oregon rainforest Airbnb, Washington travelers have certain Oregon sites that they think are "must-see." 

City of Portland, OR
Photo by Josh Herrington/Unsplash
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We have created a guide map to the 10 must-see places in Portland this month based on what travelers in Washington have been searching for in Google Trends.

This December, Washington Travelers Have These 10 Things to Do in Portland on Their List

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It seems many people from Washington like to get their Toyota cars, home improvement, steak dinners, RVs, and bulk foods out of state. We are certain that the biggest reason for this is because of the no sales tax in Oregon. Other reasons people living in Washington love to visit the Portland area include seeing the Christmas-themed attractions, exotic animals, and Oregon’s scenic natural habitats up close.

Whenever you plan on heading over to Portland this week, check here for Trip Check's Oregon road conditions and view the local Portland weather report here on Google.

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