New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has decided that the most dangerous threat to the safety and well being of New York City residents is now apparently Big Soda. What's your take?

As mayor, Bloomberg had previously set his sights on smoking, alcohol, trans-fat, and the salt habits of Big Apple consumers.

Bloomberg’s latest proposal would banish the sale of sodas and other 16-ounce plus sugary drinks from restaurants, movie theaters, sports arenas, and food carts. Evidently, the offending liquids would remain available on convenience store and super market shelves, at least for the time being.

If New Yorkers want a larger amount of beverage, they would have to buy another 16 ounce cup full.

Bloomberg sites a growing obesity rate as the impetus behind his actions.

What's your take on this? Is this government's job, or your responsibility? Should the government regulate something like this, or is it up to the individual to watch what they eat and drink?

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