Drop Cover And Hold At 10:18 Thursday Morning
It's part of a worldwide campaign to practice "drop, cover and hold" at 10:18 a.m. Seismologist Bill Steele at the University of Washington says earthquakes do and will happen in the future and we all need to know how to survive.
The Nose Knows The Way?
Researchers found increased thickness in two areas of the brain predicted a volunteer would have both a better sense of smell and a better sense of direction.
Roller Coaster of Baseball
5 hours, 15 minutes that is how long it took before something had to give. Dodgers' Bellinger drove in Machado in the 13th inning for a 2-1 win over the Brewers.
Ag News: Chinese Ag Espionage
The U.S. and China tension rose as Chinese intelligence official was arrested on espionage charges, for stealing intellectual property from aviation firms.

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