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How Exercise Can Help You Build Your Brain
Researchers found that after exercise, there was less activity in participants' brains, and this slowing down of neural activity helped to streamline the brain's activities-- meaning there was less "mental noise" and therefore fewer thoughts to compete with the new information t…
Inspiration Awaits On Muscle-Up Monday
Mondray Gee is the strength and conditioning coach for the Seattle Seahawks and he will share a message about teamwork, passion, commitment, fun and how to be our own best self.
Everything Is Better With Bacon!
The 2018 edition of Yakima Uncorked was a smashing success! Great weather, big crowds, delicious food, refreshing beverages and outstanding music made Saturday afternoon on 3rd street the place to be!
Among my many varied civic duties and responsibilities are things like - "Hey Dave, can you…

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