It’s out of the classroom and in to the real world--textbooks aside and hands on patients for the students of Heritage University’s new Physician Assistant Educational Program.

oe Raedle/Getty Images

Heritage will hold its first ever “White Coat Ceremony” on Saturday, August 9 representing a rite of passage for the physician assistant students.

During this ceremony, the 32 students of the inaugural class will receive a short white coat to wear while they are seeing patients to designate they are still learning. Once they graduate, they may wear the long coat, which indicates they are now members of the PA profession.

The “White Coat Ceremony” will be held Saturday, August 9 from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. in Smith Family Hall located inside the Arts & Sciences Center. For more information contact Linda Dale, Physician Assistant Educational Program Director at (509) 865-0706 or