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Yoko Ono Wants to Make a Big Peace Sign
NEW YORK (AP) — Yoko Ono is hoping to set a new world record by creating the world's largest peace sign to mark John Lennon's birthday. Rolling Stone reports Ono is hoping to get 6,000 to 10,000 people in New York's Central Park on October 6 to make a human peace sign...
First Beatles Recording Contract for Sale
NEW YORK (AP) — The first Beatles recording contract is for sale. Heritage Auctions will sell the six-page contract The Beatles signed that led to them recording "My Bonnie" with Tony Sheridan. The auction house estimates the contract will sell for at least $150,000 when it g…
It Could Have Happened, Ringo Starr Says
I know that every once in a while all of us will have a what-If moment. I remember when the Beatles were offered over $200 million to reunite and that led to the infamous Saturday Night Live gag when George Harrison was a special guest.
Paul Cole Passes at 96. Wait, Who?
I remember when my brother came home one day with the new release from The Beatles. It was called "Abbey Road."
Released Sept. 26, 1969, it was the band's final studio album before the breakup the following year. It contains two masterpieces of George Harrison and more musical …