city government

Union Gap to Change City Government
Union Gap voters have decided to change their form of government from a strong mayor to a city manager. It is still a close race with Proposition 1 approved by 55 percent of the voters as of Tuesday night.
It means Mayor Jim Lemon would lose his power and become the eighth council member...
City Council Approved Highest Salary For City Manager
The Yakima City Council approved the city manager contract May 8, offering Tony O'Rourke $175,000 a year. This is the highest salary ever for a city manager. The council also talked about the terms of the severance package in case Yakima ever changes to a strong mayor form of gov…
Strong Mayor Issue Back
The strong mayor issue is likely to be back on the ballot in the near future...despite the fact that the city is now in the process of hiring a new manager...Bruce Smith with the group citizens for safe streets and lower taxes says they're meeting again...
State of the City for Yakima
The “State of the City “ is on the menu for today’s Yakima Chamber of Commerce lunch.  Each of seven elected city councilpersons will give their take on how things look at the midpoint of 2011.