The “State of the City “ is on the menu for today’s Yakima Chamber of Commerce lunch.  Each of seven elected city councilpersons will give their take on how things look at the midpoint of 2011.From my perspective things look “interesting”.  We are closing in on the selection of a new city manager.  That will pave the way for a new police chief, fire chief, economic development director and who knows what other changes the new manager may choose to make.


It will be another difficult  budget year with more tough choices to come.  Add to a listless revenue prediction with a bevy of union contracts to negotiate and the first budget without the Dick Zais touch in 30+ years will be a challenge.


The gang fight continues with a continuing search for extra money.  Meanwhile the Gang Free Initiative has made much progress and the final community profile will be released shortly.  Following that will come  the actual anti gang plan.


The city streets need help…AND a maintenance plan.  A bond measure would provided a much needed fix but will the community be willing to support and ongoing maintenance program…again…MORE money.


So what’s the state of the city?  Doing the best it can in the face of financial limitations…trying to establish the new normal

In operations, in union negotiations, in the expectations placed on government’s ability to provide services.