The Seattle Seahawks' and Sounders  home field, Qwest, could become CenturyLink after just-approved merger.

A national telecommunications merger might have local implications for the Seahawks' stadium.

On Friday, the FCC approved the telecommunications merger between Qwest and CenturyLink, a deal that was first agreed to in April 2010.

Where does that leave Seattle's Qwest Field? It's not certain yet, since the naming-rights agreement runs through 2014. The Seahawks spokesman said the NFL team hasn't been officially notified yet of any plans to change the name of the stadium.

CenturyLink was asked about the future of the stadium's name several weeks ago, before the merger was finalized.

Centurylink said that name changes would come for advertising venues with contracts in place.

Qwest Arena in Boise could also be affected.

In 2008, Safeco was acquired by Liberty Mutual Group, but the name of the Mariners' home stadium remained Safeco Field.