Imagine being a homeless person in Yakima the past couple of weeks. Bitter cold. No real shelter except perhaps a cardboard box. How would you handle it?


Yakima's David McKinney will undertake that experience this week. It's the 2013 version of Operation Tin Cup, an event designed to raise awareness about the homeless.

On Dec. 12, McKinney will start living in a cardboard box at Wray's Market fresh IGA, located at 56th and Summitview. For four days, four hours and four minutes, McKinney will live in condtions that many of the homeless experience everyday, with minimal shelter and basic needs. People are encouraged to make donations of food, clothing, blankets, shoes, boots, and toys. Those donations will benefit the Union Gospel Mission and the Salvation Army.

McKinney talked about Operation Tin Cup on Monday's Mike Bastinelli show.

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Part One

Part Two

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