At the Crossing of Justice and Mercy is Dan Erickson’s second novel. It’s a story about making a choice between taking justice into our own hands or acting merciful toward our enemies. Nearly three decades have passed since Andy Burden forgave his greatest enemy, the cult leader of his youth, Peter Smith. Andy has since married, divorced, and is now a single father. But an email from Andy’s brother, Simon, sets a mystery into motion. Peter Smith may have faked his own death. Andy wants to know if Peter Smith is still alive. If the former cult leader is still alive, is he harming others, as he harmed Andy? Join Andy and a cast of memorable characters on an adventure to find Peter Smith. Throughout the story, Andy struggles with an important decision he’ll have to make if he finds Peter Smith. Will he choose justice or mercy? As with his first book, A Train Called Forgiveness, the second book of “The Cult Trilogy” is a captivating story that takes time to ponder some of life’s more difficult questions.

Dan Erickson is a writer, songwriter, and musician. He teaches communication courses at Yakima Valley Community College.

Erickson was recently a guest on KIT's Mike Bastinelli show. He talked about his new book, and how the book reflects his own life's experiences.

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