I used to joke about being on the 10-year plan for college but a stint in the Army and the time required to pursue a double major seemed reasonable excuses to delay the process but given the costs, you might think people would be in a hurry to graduate.  However,  the truth is more than 80% take more than four years to get it done!

A new study finds that just 19 percent of U.S. university students graduated within four years. Remember them? The no fun crowd?

Common reasons for taking longer to earn a degree: switching schools, failing to complete remedial courses, or registering for too few courses. The slow pace is reportedly so widespread that academic advisers are telling new students to expect their degree to take six years to finish.

That extra time in the classroom equates to over 22 thousand dollars in tuition and over 45 thousand dollars of average missed wages.  That is a pretty price tag for fun! (Daily Mail)