When you hear the word “fidgeter” what image comes to mind.  Don Knotts as Deputy Barney Fife?  Lance Tormey as Mr. Giggles?  The guy in the next cubicle?  Well, research shows they will probably get the last laugh. 

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“Fidgeters” are more likely to live longer than those who sit still for long stretches, because folks who spend too much time watching TV or working on a computer raise their risk of deadly conditions like strokes and heart disease. But there is still hope for the sedentary types. Simple activities like walking and stretching your legs, if only for a couple of minutes, can easily counteract the effects.  Dr. Wilby Williamson, an expert in sports medicine say, "Reducing sitting time makes us better at breaking down sugars and fats, which can help reduce conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease."