I got out of the movie theater the other day and I couldn’t remember where I parked my truck. It was embarrassing but also a little concerning…my “absentmindedness” is becoming a little too frequent.  Turns out I went right when I should have gone left…only 180 degrees off course! Sheesh!  As a result I’m always on the lookout for articles or stories on memory loss and memory improvement.   


SO, if you are like me and you’re memory isn’t what it used to be – there are a few things you can do from time to time to give it a jolt according to Cynthia Green, author of “30 Days to Total Brain Health.  She says, “Our brain is a muscle and we need to flex it from time to time to keep it sharp. Here are a few tricks that are proven to improve both memory and thinking skills:

• Wear your watch upside down. This type of subtle change forces your brain to practice neurobics, activities that engage your attention and involve using one or more of your senses in a new way.

• Rework a word. Write down a multisyllable word, such as “resolution,” “sufficient” or “Thanksgiving.” Then see how many other words you can come up with, using the letters of the original word. This forces you to see familiar things in new ways.

• Juggle. Some of the best mental activities also have a physical component. Juggling increases the brain’s white matter, the stuff that transmits information to different areas of the brain. Try juggling with scarves. They’re easier for beginners.