12-7-41 The Day That Lives In Infamy
Today is the day that lives on in infamy.  December  seventh, 75 years ago and the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.   Our consultant, businessman, blogger buddy Tim Bryce has an interesting article on American preparedness at the time.  H...
Let’s Talk Turkey
You know that Turkey is delicious and you really should enjoy it more often, BUT did you know:

Turkeys live in flocks, roosting at night in thick tree trunks.
Male turkeys are called "gobblers" or "toms" and female turkeys are called "hens
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It’s A Bigger Bird Today
Is bigger really better when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner? The turkey you enjoy today likely will not look much like a turkey you ate two decades ago.
Today's turkeys are a lot bigger, more than double the size, and faster growing than the birds our parents or grandparents ate...
Thanksgiving Dinner Will Cost A Little Less This Year
This year the extended family Thanksgiving dinner is at my house.  The aroma of great food, the laughter of kids and the minor sigh of relief from my wallet.
The American Farm Bureau Federation says the average cost for a Thanksgiving Day feast for ten this year is $49.87, ...

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