Turkey Day Shopping Turndown
For millions of Americans the dessert of choice on Thanksgiving is –SHOPPING! This could be the year that changes.  According to BestBlackFriday blog, so far some 42 retailers have already announced plans to stay closed on Thanksgiving Day...
Turkey Talk – What You Need To Know About The Bird
The President pardons them. I take them with all the trimmings. Some of my friends are named for them.
Here are some facts about the turkey you'll be eating on Thanksgiving:
• Turkeys live in flocks, roosting at night in thick tree trunks...
What Is the Difference Between Yams and Sweet Potatoes?
How long should you wait until you get thirds? Should you tell Uncle Walter his teeth fell into the cranberry sauce? How do you find the words to describe Aunt Muriel's stuffing without offending her? Good questions all, but none are the most pressing on Thanksgiving.
NFL Games On Turkey Day
Are you ready for some football!?
Hey Football fans, between drumsticks, chew on these!
• Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions --     9::30 p.m.Pacific on Fox
• Carolina Panthers at Dallas Cowboys -- 1:30 p...
Thanksgiving – Delicious Any Way You Cook It!
It really is more than just the food. For many of us Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday for a myriad of reasons. That rings true for our pal Tim Bryce who this week writes about his memories of all that’s great about Thanksgiving…
except cranberries...
It Will Cost A Little More To Gobble Up That Gobbler This Year
You'll be paying more for your Thanksgiving turkey this year, with supplies down due to devastating losses in the millions because of the bird flu earlier this year.
Purdue University agricultural economists expect turkey prices to be 15 to 20 percent higher than last year...

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