It's hard to believe that our unemployment rate is so high, especially when you see so many businesses with signs that say "Now Hiring".

It's also frustrating when you're standing in the checkout line, and there's only one clerk.

Sure there are self-checkouts, but to me, that's part of the problem.

Cost of living is raising, wages are not, and when they are, companies are downsizing and automating.

Add to that the drug epidemic and mental health and depression issues, people are fed up and don't want to, or can't work.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its unemployment summary from March of this year, and Yakima was the third highest at 8.1%. Ferry County and Wahkiakum were higher at 11.9% and 8.6% respectively, as reported by KIMA.

city of Yakima washington. Graphic of a graph arrow going up with the word unemployment.

How Are Unemployment Rates Calculated?

I always believed that unemployment was calculated by the amount of people collecting unemployment.

But how could that be accurate, considering people whose benefits run out, or those who simply do not file for the benefits?

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According to, a monthly survey is conducted by the government called the Current Population Survey.

The U.S. Census Bureau uses the CPS in a selected area of a state and county. In their survey questions, households with employed and unemployed adults is an area of interest.

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